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'Melani August' Stevens {Sasukelover1234's}
Info:Melani August Stevens. Let me explain her name. Her real name is Melani, but because her brothers make fun of her for it she likes to call herself August instead. She gets really mad when someone calls her Melani. When she is forced to say her real name she refers to herself as Melani August Stevens. She's very sneaky and evil but is cute at the same time. For some reason she loves reading Shakespeare when going to bed. If you don't read it to her, you've just got yourself a ticket to hell! Also, she cherishes her bunny and the saw that her father gave her.

'Lycaris Stevens' {E.Redemption's}
Height: 6'1''
Birthday: December 13
Physical Traits: Dark purple hair, ice blue eyes, place skin
Personality Traits: charming, kind, love his kids, somewhat clueless, unconsciously klutzy
Info: He's the sexy dad that just happens to live right next door to Tai. He has three kids and he just adores them all to bits, but when it comes to taking care of them...he may need some tips. Ok, A LOT of tips. But so what if he's clueless on how to take care of his kids, right? As long as he's kind and loving to them, that's all that matters!

'Unknown'{Arwym Starlight's}
Info: Smart, cute and wicked, and with a macabre sense of humor. He loves to do evil things. He has his own box of evil things, and every trick you can't imagine... under his sleeves! A wicked kid, indeed. 6 OR 7 YEARS old. He's very smart for his age. It would be quite interesting if he ended up being the youngest of the kids.

Anime Goddess:
Info: 3 of the little darlings. >3

T3hmusicbox: Elzbieta (Stevens) The mother (divorced from Iycaris) of the pack. She is dark and eccentric, and has hair with a mind of its own.

Name: Blade Chase Stevens
Age: 9
Gender: Male
Species: Demon
Personality: He is a smart kid who always gets angry by anyone who disturbs him. He is quite calm most of the time but can get stuck up to “idiots”.
Likes: Causing pain, his shadows, blood, killing (well he tries).
Dislikes: Anyone disturbing him, babysitters, his eyes

Description: His is taller than his age. His hair is red and white and has green and black beads on a cluster of hair at the front. He has yellow eyes with slits and wears sunglasses to hide them. He also has two small horns on his head and two tiny wings. He has a ¾ shirt with black bands at the end and wears over that a blood stained coat/ protector thing with three scratches. He has brown trousers and on his right leg it has been cut and sown on a bit of green fabric. He wears black boots that has the left leg of the trouser tucked into it. On his left arm he wears a dog collar bracelet and has two scratches into his arm. Bio: Son of Lycaris Stevens and Elzbieta Stevens.
He is one of (if not the oldest) of the children. He doesn’t like his father due to the fact that he never allows him to do anything and leaves him alone all the time and doesn’t like his mother as she never really pays much attention to him. But he still pretty much loves them as a child of them but never shows his affection to them of anyone else. He seems cold and calm to everyone so he can gain trust and normally ruins them somehow. He goes to school in secret and claims he is 14 and so goes to a higher level than he really should be. He has also study the magick arts and can create shadows. He has a pet shadow he has called “Shadow 93” (how original) but calls it Dagger (like Blade and Dagger X3). Dagger has two main forms, he is really a huge dragon-like creature with red eyes but he normally uses around the house a little cute dragon-like creature with yellow eyes. Also from learning the magick he can change his appearance too. But he seems invincible but really he is quite self-conscious and is scared to let down his appearance.

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